New blog…finallly starting!

I’ve had this blog ready for me to just take off and vent on my eventful TTC journey but alas it’s becoming so depressive that each day I sit down at my computer to write something and all I can do is draw a blank. Gabe and I (the wonderful hubby) have been anxiously waiting a BFP for quite some time now and it seems as if it’ll never happen. I got the dreaded “just relax…it’ll happen” from my brother’s girlfriend of the month (who happens to have a 3mo old baby)! I wish people would understand that it just doesn’t happen for women with PCOS and incompetent female parts. As soon as she said it I was almost in shock because I didn’t know if I should just calmly say “IT’S NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS” or be polite and say “thanks for your CRAPPY advice”!! It’s rather annoying.

So, here’s to the new baby (well wanting a baby) blog…hope whatever I go through will help whomever may stumble upon my ramblings.



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