Day 1 of (new) Progesterone

I didn’t know that the Prometrium was a pill like thing…that you stick up the, uh, ya. Here’s a visual:Endometrin

I had to buy panty liners for the first time in I don’t know when, maybe 10 years! So, we’ll see what happens. Also I got another peak on my monitor this morning, not sure if that’s normal but at least I got one yesterday which I know for a fact was positive! If anyone is reading this…question: if I’m taking the suppositories, can we still have sex? I didn’t know that if they’re in there will they come out or will it interrupt the medicine release or even effect the sperm. That’s something I really need to find out.


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  1. Mindy
    Dec 09, 2008 @ 23:42:24

    Yes, you can still have sex while using progesterone suppositories. Yes, progesterone would most likely stop his swimmers from reaching anywhere good, BUT since you’ve already ovulated it really doesn’t matter. Now, if you haven’t yet ovulated and you’re taking prog supp’s then they will stop you from ovulating. This is why most doctor’s prescribe the supp’s to be started at 3 days past ovulation–so you can verify that you’ve ovulated and so that it won’t impair your husband’s sperm getting where they need to go! I hope that helps atleast a little bit. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.


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