Wonderful Hubby :)

Flowers from HubbyI have the most thoughtful hubby around, or so I like to think sometimes. He slips up sometimes but for the most part he’s keepable. I wouldn’t trade him in for anything! Funny story (I have to share): yesterday at work he called me to ask if I liked chocolates with caramel in it and to see if I wanted some…of course I did and who would turn down chocolates from your hubby? (Not I) Well only a few minutes later he called back to inform me that the chocolates were no more and he had ate them!! I was so infuriated, not that he ate them but that he said he got me them and then ate them. If he wasn’t going to get me anything then why tell me? I was really looking forward to going home to some yummy chocolates! Well we had dinner at Erin’s so we didn’t make it home until 9ish and in the kitchen was the prettiest boquet of flowers ever. I typically hate roses but these are unlike any I’ve seen before. I was upset but excited all the same. I brought them to work today so I can see them before they die. I’m here more than I’m anywhere.

I love him.


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