Sad Day ;(

I don’t have too many of these but today was pretty crushing. My mother had her yearly breast exam a couple Ribbonof weeks ago and they said they needed to do another b/c the technician failed to complete one part, or something to this extent. So last week she had another appointment to have a sonogram and another mammogram done. They indeed found a spot. I think she told me it was 2cm but that it was contained in her milk ducts (which is really good news). So they ordered a biopsy to see if it was cancerous or just benign, unfortunately it is cancer. I never thought this would happen to us but it’s happened for some reason. I have faith that she will be taken care of and we all have our ‘Prayer Warrior’s’ at work. Tonight we’re telling my baby brothers (they’re 11 & 12), the older one is like me (emotional) so I’m going over there to help him through it. He will most likely get angry and become destructive.

I love my mother and things in our past have kept an invisible wall up between us but I still love her. I always wonder why things happen the way they do and why God does what He does but then again, I’m not sure if I could handle the truth! He only puts us in these situations to learn and grow from them so that’s what I will keep telling myself.

I have faith.


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  1. Shelly
    Jan 24, 2009 @ 14:34:54

    I am so sorry! Pleas know you, your mother and your family are in my prayers. {{{hugs}}}


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