A fun weekend!

We had a fun filled weekend, it was sort of low key but good. My brother’s came over after we went to share the bad news with them…I would rather them take their anger out on me than my mother at this point. I want as less stress as possible for her. She’s more afraid than she lets show. Friday we went to see our friends Stem The Tide play and had a good time!! Stem The Tide

And Gabe got to see his favorite boy…Noah!Gabe & Noah

That was all on Friday, on Saturday we stayed home and did practically nothing…it was great!! I love doing nothing sometimes, it is so nice to sit still and be quiet (or maybe I’m just getting old). I watched a few movies while the boys played their games and it was nice to relax. Sunday after church some friends went with us to a shooting range, I had been telling Gabe that I would love to go and shoot sometime. I think it’s important to at least know how to shoot and defend yourself if for some reason you need to. I don’t like being the ‘helpless girl’ in distress…I’m independent and proud of it! (This is off a little bit but 3 things a woman should know how to do: Shoot a gun, Change a tire, and know how to do a breast exam). I didn’t get any pics of me shooting but I did get the first 3 headshots, considering I’m a newbie and I was the last to go; but here’s a pic of Gabe: Gabe

Even though it was a relax weekend I did happen to get some work done and it makes for the week to be that much smoother. I finished Shantelle’s photo editing. I did her maternity pics about a month ago but never had time to finish editing them. I guess when you’re not getting paid it drops down on the ‘need to do list’ by a few numbers. Editing takes time and a keen eye…not sure if I have either of those but I do love them. I’m a firm believer in ‘Practice makes Perfect’…I will only get better, not worse. Shantelle

Marc & Shantelle Marc & Shantelle Shantelle Marc & Shantelle Marc & Shantelle 

(sorry about the poor quality pics -not the maternity ones- they’re from my phone)!!

On a IF front there’s not much to update about…I’m cd33 and I took a HPT yesterday morning and it was none other than a BFN! So we’ll see when I’ll start and hopefully it’ll be soon so we can get the show on the road. Last month I think we had bad timing but this month I will be on top of everthing (not literally, lol).

Have a good Tuesday 🙂


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  1. gee
    Jan 27, 2009 @ 17:58:04

    First, I think you take great pictures. Second, I also think all women should know how to shoot a gun, change a tire and do a breast exam. I’m proud to say that I know all three :). Third, I’m sorry to hear about your BFN. Don’t give up hope. It’s a long road, but so worth it at the end. Best of luck to you on your next cycle.


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