Icy Wednesday

I got to sleep in this morning and I loved every second of it!! Here in Texas we have what is known as ICE, not snow but scary ice that can be deadly. My boss texted me this morning and said to wait till 10 for updates on when we were coming in the office. 10 comes and then he says wait till 11…I was so in Heaven right then! Then 11:15 comes and I have to go in, I was hoping he’d say ‘just stay home, I’ll see you tomorrow’, but no…not the case. As soon as I walked out the door I had to take a pic, it was so beautiful but very dangerous. Here’s my iced in car that was almost impossible to defrost:My Icy Car

As I turned the corner to head to work I couldn’t see a thing out my passenger window (I guess that was in direct contact with the ice fall last night) and so I had to think quick b/c I couldn’t see a thing and I was already in route to work. I rolled down my passenger window and the ice stayed where it was but the window kept going down…Icy Window

I thought this was the funniest things ever…I had to take a pic, lol!


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  1. gee
    Jan 28, 2009 @ 23:27:19

    My mom live in AR and she’s in the same boat as you. I posted some pics of what she sent me today on my other blog. She’s hasn’t been able to return to work since Monday. A lot of businesses and schools are closed until further notice. If interested my blog is http://youhadmeatciaobella.blogspot.com/

    Stay safe during that weather.


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