Off the the RE!

The nurse called yesterday and told me that it wasn’t a MC so it could be a few different things and Progesterone Test 3considering my situation I will live! I started my 4th cycle of Clomid yesterday and hoping for something good to come out of that! The last few cycles we say we’re gonna BD everyday but we either are tired, away on work, or mad at each other…I told Gabe that no matter how angry I am (the meds do that to you) we still have to do the deed. Here’s a pic from my blood drawl, maybe it’s overdone b/c I take pics each time but after this is all over and I have my ‘take home baby’ it’ll be nice to look back.  After work on Wednesday Gabe surprised me with dinner, we haven’t had dinner out in FOREVER! It’s hard to stay at home and not do anything but at least we’re getting some bills paid off, it’s about time.

I have an appointment with a RE on Feb. 23rd…so big countdown till then. They’ll have to do a full exam and blood/hormone tests but the neat thing is that they have a full lab in the office, so no sending things off and waiting for results. The only thing I’m worried about is funding and what Tricare will actually cover. We have nothing in savings and if we had to come up with thousands and even hundreds within a couple of months we’ll have to postpone everything for awhile. Please pray for us…we surely need it! I ultimately want to go in and her give me a magic pill to put a baby in me, but I’m not so sure that’ll happen.

So I told you that we have a plan to visit all the Texas State Parks and each weekend we’re supposed to go to another but this weekend we might just stay close to home. A good friend of mine told me about this walking/biking trail close to our home that has a beautiful waterfall on the way through and I’m surprised that we never even knew about it. I think we might go down there this weekend but as for next weekend I’m planning a Vday picnic at the place where Gabe proposed to me!!


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  1. uncomplicateme
    Feb 12, 2009 @ 19:21:42

    Hey there! I stumbled across your blog (well technically wordpress was so kind as to let me know that people were coming to my blog from yours – thanks for linking to me, by the way! :o) and thought I’d say hi. Your story sounds so simliar to mine with the PCOS, the wonky cycle lengths, not ovulating, etc. So hoping you get that magical BFP very very soon!

    And for what it’s worth, your FF friend charts look earily similar to mine when I finally O’d. A few even look triphasic, which would totally throw me off if you’re getting BFNs. Lots and lots of luck! alison


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