Yay for Insurance!

The nurse called back from our new RE to let me know that my insurance will cover all diagnostic testing (minus 15% copay)!!! That was great news and I’m overly excited. So, sonograms/x-rays/hsg etc. is covered! I was really worried about this b/c if we had to pay for it out of pocket, well a baby was never going to happen.

Also, our friend (the one with the maternity pics) Shantelle, is in labor as I type. I plan to go see her during lunch, I have to work late tonight. I’m excited to see her baby girl…Josalyn

UPDATE: She’s dialated to a 7 and ready to push in a hour or so!Shantelle


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  1. S Roy
    Feb 19, 2009 @ 21:14:50

    Ah! tha tis good news! my insurance covers all diagnostics..but will it cover HSG? don’t know! i too am planning for it another 2 month-it’ll be 1 full yr for us!
    and yah push!! i hope the baby is fine.


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