Busy Body ;)

I’ve had sooo much going on that I haven’t even taken a breather to get myself back in order. Here’s some updates:

A friend of mine’s daughter just turned 3! I made her the cutest dress ever…I had been saving this piece of fabric for the ‘right’ project and wow was it cute!

 Emma's Dress Emma's Dress

A couple of weeks ago we went to our friend Q’s house for a bbq…it was a sight to see: (sorry for the graphicness of it, I tried to blur out the bad part) Q's ApronLast weekend I watched Faith over night b/c Karesha was going out with her new boyfriend. We went to the nail salon to get Karesha’s nails painted and the lady there was nice enough to paint Faith’s…so cute! Faith's Pink NailssErin did my hair and it’s AHHHHMAZING! I love it and can’t believe my hair can do what she makes it do. Here’s the only pic I got that day right after she was done…it’s not great but you get the point! New Hair

I love it when Gabe does the yard, not that he’s working outside that I love but that I love to see him with our babies…they just watch him and love it. Killer will take his ball/frisbee/stick and lay it in front of the mower where Gabe will be in line to mow. It’s odd that he knows where Gabe’s going to mow but he does. I love that boy, he’s so cute!! Backyard Fun (just for the doggies)Oh…one last thing, this baby I watch on Wed night at church and she’s the daughter of one of my friends. She is something else…always hungry and putting anything in her mouth (mind you she’s only 7mo old). We went to a luncheon last Saturday and she was eating cinnamon rolls, cake, eggs, anything you would give her she would gladly take! She’s just too cute! Cadence Cadence


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