Finally :)

The pool is 95% completely cleaned…it seemed as if it took forever! Well, it actually took longer to open than than the last couple of summers but well worth it! The Pool

This coming weekend will be packed of stress, well I make everything stressful but we should at least have some fun! We’re going to OK to visit some friends that we haven’t seen in a couple of months…my favorite little red-head. Emarie

VBS is over 😉 Check out my lighthouse: The Paper Lighthouse

As for IF world, the hubbs is leaving for a few months later on this year and I think after he’s back I want to start back up. I guess I was just too stressed out and getting worked up for nothing. The bad thing is, is that a friend of mine has gotten pregnant, had that baby, and is pregnant again since we’ve been on the meds. That’s really messed up and it really messes with my mind! It’s so hard to not have jealousy feelings towards them but it comes out of nowhere sometimes. Working through these crazy emotions has proved to be the hardest thing I have ever had to face. I think when he gets back my body should be ready to go and my emotions replenished. If you pray for anything, pray for that. It overwhelms me, and I can barely control it.


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