Cutest thing ever!

My dear friend called me this morning and said,”Faith and I were in your bathroom last night and she said she smelt you”. I thought that was really cute that my 2yr old God-daughter knows my scent. I have always used the same perfume and hair products…funny how she can recognize it, it made me feel special.

Gabe knocked 2 1/2 things off the honey-do list yesterday. We originally had a terrible mailbox that wobbled everytime you looked at it, so now it’s beautiful!! Pretty New Mailbox

I had also been bugging him about wanting a tire swing, well guess what…I got one! We had some extra tires in the garage but they were just collecting dust, it’s still hanging in the garage but hopefully it’ll go out to the magnolia out back. And finally he’s halfway through putting up a new shelf/rod in my utility room. My mother has a rod over her dryer that holds hangers so that when you take clothes out of the dryer, you put them on hangers right then. It worked out great when I lived there. Now all my clothes get stacked up in piles and takes me weeks to actually put them in the closet. I’m excited…I need to put more things on the honey-do list!


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