I have so much to talk about but of course I don’t have time to post it all!! I have a ton of pics to share (vacay to Galveston, 4th trip to OK, anniversary pics, and more mindless crap that I keep putting off). 

I’ve been such a slacker for the past couple of months, I just didn’t want to do anything. I shut myself off from the world and I feel like it was much needed. I finally logged into my cyster’s acct yesterday (it had been about 4 months), and a couple of the gals in there emailed me to check up…so sweet! I was just a big ole’ ball of fire yesterday, no reason but that I could be.

Last night I accomplished so many things: 1. Fixed my thrift store find dress that was missing a button on the sleeve (finally wore it 3 months later) 2. Shortened the straps on my new nightgown that was way slouchy 3. Made a slipcover for my heating pad (the original one had gross stains all over it) 4. Finally got to my mound of laundry, about 80% complete 5. (drum roll please) made a pair of yoga pants from a tshirt that was way too big! Yoga Pants I ordered a shirt and had the print put on there a couple of years ago, when they sent it…they decided that I needed 2 sizes larger than what I had asked for. Needless to say I never wore it and it’s been sitting in my closet ever since! I found a tutorial over at www.cutoutandkeep.net and tried it with Heather and then last night I did some for myself…and I love em’!! Here’s a close up of the print on the tshirt: <3 Last week I also made some pin cushions from mason jars…another tutorial I found online. Mine didn’t turn out quite the way I intended them to but still cute! Pin Cushion Leah’s bday dinner was at the Melting Pot…so yummy! Here’s us after we were filled up to the rim. Leah's Bday Dinner (photo credit: Dominique)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amanda
    Jul 15, 2009 @ 00:39:26

    Very cute pants!


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