Let’s try this again!

Well last year was one of the hardest years I could have ever gone through, emotionally. It’s hard watching babies being born but it’s also the sweetest feeling to see a mother with her baby, I envy that and wish I didn’t. It’s such a harsh situation that I wish upon no one. We were on vacation last week visiting my hubbs’ family in Cali and when everyone has see you be married for so long without children they start to ask! I was dreading that question but sure enough we weren’t even there for 10 minutes before the neighbor asked! WOW…it was hard to bite my tongue. So anyways here’s to a new start and reblogging, thanks Dominique for telling me you needed me to write 🙂 I watched Julie & Julia last night, I had been wanting to watch it for the longest time and finally did, thanks Netflix! I never knew Julia Child was infertile, I feel so much closer to her already. This movie reminded me of UP, she was infertile and sickly like me. I watched it with the hubbs when he got back from deployment this last time and I think we both cried like babies. We both felt the same feeling, the feeling of hope, despair, grief, pain, desire, lost. My new favorite blog: http://funininfertility.blogspot.com/

I actually took two rounds of Clomid over the past few months but absolutely nothing came from it, which I didn’t think it would. This past month I took the Provera to start and messed up my days and ended up not taking it the whole time which led to me bleeding for almost 3 weeks! So next time, I will follow all directions, that was the most uncomfortable thing on vacation.

My photography business is picking up, I was quite surprised that so many people have contacted me and I’m getting paid pretty well considering two months ago I was still working for free…just to get myself out there. So I leave you today with some of my favorite photos over the past few months: 


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