Final Baby G Apt.

My newest obsession…these are seriously amazing! I went grocery shopping last night and they were on the end cap of an aisle that makes you impulse buy, so of course I did…who in their right mind would say no to such yummy cuteness as this?

So, this is hard for me, I feel as if I’m closing a chapter that I’m not ready to close. I had another doc. apt. yesterday to check my betas to make sure they’re back down to 0 so that we can move on medically to what’s next. I guess it’s good to make sure everything is in the clear but it’s hard to swallow. The only way I can look at this situation and not freak out is that without Baby G we wouldn’t have known we could ever get pregnant on our own and maybe this has set up my body to accept another baby in the future. I have to be positive, I have to be positive, I have to be positive…or at least if I keep chanting this it’ll be true. I’m just sad and will forever have an empty spot in my heart for our baby.

I keep trying to put my finger on what went wrong and try to figure it all out but the fact is I have no earthly idea! I do know that I have previously been low in Progesterone and I had taken supplements to help that dept. out but since we weren’t officially ‘trying’ we didn’t take any and the ones I had under the sink were over 6mo. expired. I was reading another blog and found this article…very useful info for any infertile!
Diabetes Drug Helps Prevent Miscarriage
With this info…I know that this could have been a mistake on my part as well. I was taking Met (1000mg) sporadically for a few months before we found out we were pregnant, I had stopped the 2000mg dosage b/c of all the icky side effects. I have been on this drug for years so I knew when it was working and when it wasnt. The first doc. apt. we went to to check my Prog. and my first Beta I asked the nurse if I should keep taking the Met b/c some docs say to and just wanted to make sure. Well this article lets me know that it’s definitely necessary, I just hate that we had to go through what we did in order to figure this all out.

Anyway…hope this helps someone out 🙂



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Diana
    Jan 28, 2011 @ 04:33:23

    I went through the same thing you are. I got pregnant and stopped taking my metformin because I was afraid of what would happen to the baby. I was scared to take anything.. Turns out… I might have lost my baby because I didn’t take the metformin. Its sucks to know this may have been my fault. I will definitely be more careful in the future. Hopefully the both of us can conceive again!


  2. Rena
    Jan 28, 2011 @ 15:08:25

    I’m sure working on the ‘conceive again’ part 🙂 I’m taking a lower dosage of the Met but I think if I can get pregnant again I’ll just keep taking it and maybe up the dosage. Stupid nurses!! I can’t believe they told me that without asking the doc! Fertilaid is my bestfriend, you should look it up 🙂


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