Is it in the water?

I’ve been wondering lately if the pregnancy bug is in the water and everyone is catching it besides me? I got to thinking the other day, shocking I know, and counted how many pregnant women I know and wow it is quite the number and the funny thing is that I a friends with them all! Be wowed by my list:

2 College Friends
4 Church Friends
5 Close Friends
3 Teenage Friends
2 Co-worker Friends
= 16 Lucky Women

Of course their not all happy about their situation but wow, that many close to my life…I think that may be a record! Of course it’s depressing but what can I do? The teenagers really piss me off, really? You couldn’t wait? I’m just a jealous bucket and I need to let it go but wow this is hard for me! Ever since I could remember, I am the one to always hold grudges and that’s what I struggle with from day to day. The list doesn’t end there, over the past few weeks I’ve been reminded continuously about pregnancy, whether or not I try to avoid it and as if the 16 women above weren’t on my mind all the time. When I get home from work I turn on the tele and relax for a little bit…here’s just a few examples:

1.LMN, ‘And a baby will Fall’-a crazy woman trys to cut out a baby and keep it!
2.’Where the heart is’-it had just came on when I turned on the tele.
3.Off the Map-new awesome show, a woman was gave birth in the jungle.
4.Grey’s Anatomy-Meredith’s IF, Callie is ‘randomly’ pregnant by Mc Steamy!
5.The Good Wife-a case is against a plant causing multiple m/c in different women. Also, Zach’s ex girlfriend blamed him getting her pregnant and having an abortion.
6.Hellcats-Savannah’s sister, Charlotte, is pregnant.

I also like to think that ‘celebrities’ are catching the pregnancy bug too b/c there’s more of them than my 16 close friends…ugh, really? Why do we have to endure these emotions? Early into our marriage I never would have know what it was like to long for something that is simply unattainable. Now I know all too well it’s not a feeling I would like to keep around. It’s messing with my relationship and it’s hard to deal with. It’s hard for the hubbs because he thinks it’s my unhappiness with him but what he doesn’t understand is that I’m just unhappy as a woman, to be broken…how can that be something you can just get over? Now that he has shown his concern for that, now I have no one to cry to and tell how I’m feeling…here’s to more crying 😦


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