Awesome Weekend…and cd16/1dpo :)

This weekend was one of the best weekends I have had in quite sometime! Some close friends came to visit again, yay for the Harris family, they’re expecting again…this will make 3 precious babies, I love them all! We did some maternity pics, pedicures, go-kart rides, museum visit, merry-go round fun, and awesome dinners = all in all…awesome weekend! Sad to say good bye till next time, but the next time I see them baby Braelyn will be here and I hope she has red hair 🙂

I have been taking opk’s since cd10 and I was feeling extremely discouraged after 4 days of them being the same color but then on cd14 I got a bfp on the opk, so that made me REALLY happy and I told the hubbs to get ready! If that wasn’t the best news of the weekend on cd15 (yesterday) I got another bfp on the opk! Never happens so this was the cherry to my sundae. I took 100mg Clomid with my Fertilaid/Fertilcm this cycle and wasn’t supposed to (not sure why the Fertilaid people tell you not to) but I did…desperate causes calls for desperate measures, right? I play this stupid game ‘Count the Pregnant Women’ almost everywhere I go and it’s not always intentional but I have an awesome memory and by the time I have seen 5 pregnant ladies at one store it’s just hard to overlook them and not count them. It’s dumb, I know, but I can’t stop.

Lady Gaga has a new single out ‘Born This Way’ and wow it’s awesome! Vid is at the bottom of post but my favorite line is:

‘I’m beautiful in my way, cause God makes no mistakes’…and ‘There’s nothing wrong with lovin who you are, she said because He made you perfect, babe’.

It’s awesome, enjoy 😉


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