I’m having a case of the Mondays

Is it some unwritten rule that every Monday is supposed to be crummy? I think so…but I’m still in search for that rule book. I got 9 hrs of sleep last night, yup, 9 but I’m still tired! Got to work a tad late (this is the norm) and there was a gas leak about 20ft away from my desk so the migranes have set in full force and don’t want to give. In order to clean out the office we opened all the doors…burrrrr!! I’m already a cold person (no pun) so that didn’t help at all. I have two projects due in the morning and BSF tonight so I hope I don’t have to miss it but I also don’t want to get fired. I’m sure my boss would feel ‘like a bad word’ if he fired me for going to BSF 🙂

I am on cd23 and 7dpo and I’m not as anxious as I was last cycle to get throught the 2ww but I’m still hoping/praying/begging/keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll have a good weekend (we’re testing Sun/Mon). But until then, because of my crummy Monday I’m feeling like a broken egg 😦 here’s some of my dark humor.


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