Seriously…are you sure?!!

So, I got my 3rd HCG results back today and wow is all I can say, seriously wow! So they had to be a minimum of 700 and little Garcia had to trump minimum (you little over achiever) and bust out with a 4948!! Still doubling in 35 hours, wow little bean, wow. Not sure how I feel about this, but I am relieved…and that is until my first ob appointment on April 8th. I just have to relax and wait patiently, and pray they do an ultrasound b/c I really need to see the heart fluttering away and I know that at that moment I’ll be a little more stress free. I want to see it so bad it’s making me anxious! I’m on the right track, and soon to be a family of 3, please God?!

That’s all I got but wow, it’s amazing. (We’re 5w5d)


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