8 weeks!

We made it 🙂 There was a scare on Saturday that almost haluted it but we’re still trucking along. Saturday evening I started to bleed bright red and pass clots so I figured the worst was happening…what I thought all along b/c I’m so negative. After hours and tons of tests baby was fine and there was no reason for the blood so they told me to follow up with a high risk ob. I called my regular ob this morning and they think there’s no reason to go to a high risk b/c everything checked out okay and we’re actually measuring 2 days ahead but I still want to know why the ER doc was persistent on getting me into a high risk ob! We got to see little one’s heartbeat and move around a little bit so that was really cool. HCG: 76,305 and HR: 153 bpm…right on track! Glucose test on Friday so we’re keeping our fingers crossed it goes well!


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