9 & 10 weeks!

I’ve been such a slacker…the epitome of a slacker, today I am 10w3d. ‘Busy’ isn’t even the word to describe my life at all! These two weeks have been pretty much the same and nothing really going on besides tons of photog work (which has been great) and nothing new with baby news just yet. Little one is still hanging on 🙂


So at the end of my 8th week I had to do my glucose test (and yes that doesn’t typically happen till almost 3rd trimester) b/c I have wonder PCOS…and of course I passed with a 104!! I was actually nervous but I always have a normal blood sugar level so it was easy peasy. Doc said I’ll have to do it again between 24-28 weeks but just keep a watch on my food. Here’s the awesomeness of the glucose I almost didn’t keep ‘down’ for an hour:

I’ve been really concerned with not having too many symptoms but I think I’m just crazy b/c I have symptoms just not the tell tell sign of morning sickness. I guess I could count myself lucky not to have it but I would still thank God everytime I puked in the toilet 🙂 Here’s the symptoms so far…
1. crazy back aches, 2. serious fatigue, 3. scary cramps, 4. food adversions,
5. weird dreams, 6. dizziness
So…I have symptoms, so I guess things are okay, I’m totally over analyzing it all!

I miss the hubbs so I’ve been sending him care packages full of junk…well it’s not really junk, he loves it but I think tuna and crackers is gross!

My next apt. is next Tuesday, yay!! I’ll be 11w2d and they’ll do another ultrasound, I can’t wait to see little one again. I have a deep feeling that it’s a boy. Originally I was upset at the thought of a boy…go figure b/c we’ve been TTC for almost 8yrs – I chock it up to crazy baby hormones. I don’t care what God gives us, I am actually excited about it most likely being a boy 🙂 So, I know I’m a big girl, I really know this and I’m not that ashamed of it anymore…it is what it is, PCOS has doubled my size since marrying my lovely hubbs. I was wondering when to start documenting belly size, I feel like I already have a huge belly but I don’t want to post something that only looks like flubadubdub, I want to show off a belly. I was thinking week 12 would be a good place to start? It’s now only 1 1/2 weeks away till I hit 2nd trimester, and ohhhhh am I so excited!

I’m off…loves.


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