11wk. Prenatal Apt.

I had my 11 week prenatal apt. this morning and everything seemed to go good…all they did was blood pressure, weight, and ultrasound! Blood pressure isn’t as low at it has been but still normal, I’m 2lb down from 4wk ago, and I’m measuring 2 days behind in the ultrasound…I’m guessing and hoping this is normal? A good friend of mine came along and took some pictures of my mom and I at the apt. to scrapbook and share with the hubbs, they’re still on the card so I’ll upload them hopefully tomorrow! She didn’t do the doppler to check heart rate but I heard it last night again and know things are okay, I counted for 15 sec and the hr was at 168 after I had dinner last night so I know baby is a-okay!

When I went to my first prenatal apt. at 7w2d they didn’t tell me anything as in what to take/not to take and what sorts of foods to stay away from…I’ve been calling them often to find out! So they finally gave me the first ob pack at this apt. It’s full of all sorts of cool stuff and coupons galore! Hopefully this will answer all my questions so I don’t have to keep calling 🙂

My next apt. isn’t for 5 weeks…but I’ll do all I can to be stress free starting with purchasing my own doppler, my friend’s has given me so much peace and I know I could use that more often! It’s $70, but I think it’s totally worth it…that will be a big 1st trimester purchase, but I’m excited!


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