12 weeks!

I am sooooo late on this post…too busy! Today I am 12w3d, whew! I can’t believe we’ve made it this far…it’s a flippin miracle. I’ve had some crazy things start this week and things I’m nervous about b/c I’ve never gotten this far in pregnancy so I have no idea what to expect. A few of my symptoms have slowly diminished and I started to get others. I’ve never really had allergies with seasons, just a tad but nothing that would warrant meds to take care of my discomfort. Well that was until this week started! All of a sudden I started sneezing more than 10 times a day, runny nose, and a small fever (nothing to be concerned over). Yesterday I also started to cramp a little bit more so that freaked me out and I finallly ordered the doppler. I wasn’t going to get it but I caved out of baby stress that I spent the $60 on it to help ease my mind. I should hopefully get it before the beginning of next week, then maybe I’ll be able to sleep at night.

I’ve started to stress a little more about work/money after baby b/c the original plan was to not go back to work after the baby is here but the way finances are checking out…I may have to endure at least 6 more months of it 😦 I’m definitely not happy about this but I’m praying hard asking for help/guidance/decisions!

Here’s the weekly belly update…remember it’s big to begin with 🙂

I’m hoping by the time the hubbs returns there’ll be a definite belly to show off…but we’ll see. The doc said it’d be later for me b/c I am a bigger girl but I definitely feel it already b/c it’s starting to get hard!

Anywhoo…I’m counting down my next doc apt! 19 days left!


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