13 Weeks!

Well…looks like we made it to the 2nd trimester!! I’ve been waiting for this moment for quite sometime and never did I think we’d be here. This week was non-eventful but partly emotional, overall a huge success. Mother’s day last year I spent pretty much the whole day crying, mainly b/c our pastor’s sermon on Mother’s day mind you was over infertility and the struggles to be a mom. Wow was I glad I sat at the back of the church, I cried pretty much the entire time. After some thought I think it was beneficial for others to hear what he had to say b/c there was backbone in it and advice for those who don’t know what to say to women like me…an infertile. It’s a scary world I live in with doubt, fear, and grief but someone has to do it, right? Why me? Well in BSF we just finished the study of Isaiah and although I was only in the class for less than 1/2  year, God taught me so much that I would have never learned if it weren’t for the study making me read His word and apply it to myself. Long story short, this Mother’s day was much better! I got flowers 3 times!! First from work, second from a precious little one in my Sunday school class, and then from a dear friend of mine. I’m so grateful to have special people in my life who encourage me daily…I’m a Debbie-downer.

So this past week I’ve been stressing about weight gain and eating so many enchiladas…I need to give it a rest and stop giving into the cravings, no one said it was a life or death type of craving! I finally got my doppler in the mail last Friday and I was so anxious b/c I knew it was on it’s way that as soon as I got home before eating dinner I had to give it a try, sure enough little one showed him/herself! It was at 156 bpm. I did it again on Sunday and my little brother was at the house and he got to hear it too, it was the same at 156 bpm…so I’m guessing little one is doing a-ok! Next apt. is in 2 weeks, eeek! I’m excited to make sure all is well but I’m also nervous b/c of weighty issues. So that we’re on the topic of weighty issues, I need a recipe for a low-cal cheese enchilada – if there ever was such a thing! 

So finally here’s the belly pic, it’s huge but I’m starting to see it grow a little.


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