Awesome friends

I am seriously blessed to have such wonderful people in my life, there are a few that stay in the background but those who really push to be a part of my life are simply amazing. I got a text yesterday from a sweet woman asking me if I wanted a cradle! Funny thing is that I’ve been searching antique malls, online, craigslist and just couldn’t find anything worth paying what people were charging and/or I’m just too cheap for anything nice. Well it’s gorgeous, in perfect shape and old…which makes it awesome in my books! I picked it up last night and we talked for hours, seriously hours but I learned so much about what’s to come. This is the beauty, yes it’s still in my car, but it will soon make it’s way inside to get ready for some measurements. It’s supposedly German and the regular stuff that fits inside is all the wrong measurements so I’ll be pretty busy sewing, but this way it can be all custom and cute. She only offered it to me, it was special to her and she didn’t want to get rid of it, and only me so I will give it a good home 🙂 Thank you Angel, I love it!

Today is my last pill!! That in itself is ubber exciting. I’m really excited that I finally get to use the Intelligender, I’ll pick one up next week. I totally think it’s a boy and I’m about 60% sure, but there’s always that chance it’s a girl. My family is pretty much split, half for boy and half for girl…but the hubbs and I are thankful we’ve gotten this far! As soon as I can do the Intelligender I’ll post my pee pics 🙂

1 Progesterone tab + 10 days = Intelligender


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