14 weeks!

Yay for lemons! That will probably be the opening for every week…yay for_____! Oh well it’s exciting! This past week has been okay I guess, nothing really new to report except that I’ve been more tired than the usual but I have been staying up later than I used to with work and all but still so exhausted. I had a coupon for BRU for a free gift card if I registerd before May 31…we wouldn’t know the sex by then but I love free stuff. From a 5yr’s mouth ‘if it’s free, it’s for me’! So a couple of friends met me there last night and I got so much info that I wouldn’t have known otherwise so…excited that that’s pretty much done and now I know what I need and what’s not really necessary. They give you a free ‘gift’ bag when you register and there was a newborn diaper in there…my hand is much larger 🙂

I had the worst dream possible last night and I wish it were as easy to forget like all the other dreams you have, I just seem to remember the bad ones. I need to figure out how to get that under control, it’s seriously bothering me. Doc apt. is next week!! I just like going in and the ‘educated professionals’ telling me my baby is fine so I’m really looking forward to it. I listened to the heartbeat last night and it was at 158ish but little booger was moving around all crazy. My mid-section is getting hard, I wasn’t assuming to grow anytime soon b/c there’s so much room to grow in there but it’s filling out already I almost think I’m actually pregnant. I’m so thankful for the amazing people God’s put in my life, it makes me wonder how I ever got by without them. Well here’s the belly, it’s rounder…not just lumpy 😉


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