15 Weeks!

Baby is now the size of an orange! I think I really ‘popped’ out this week b/c the difference from last week’s photo to this week’s is huge! Still craving the coke and enchiladas, I’m not sure that will ever subside but I’m needing my fix about 3 nights a week…cause without it I’m up all night thinking about how I want enchiladas 🙂 The day is getting closer that the hubbs will finally be home and wow I’m excited! There’s still so much to do in the house before he gets home b/c I like it to be clean and nice so that there’s no worry and it’s not hard to transition back to being a husband. Military guys have it hard and when they get back home, even for a short dep, the transition is not so easy…and most won’t tell you b/c they’re men and they want to be strong men. It’s hard and it’s just something we deal with as it comes. We have a huge night planned when he finally arrives…dinner with friends and hopefully (we have an apt. with the high risk ob the week before) we’ll have a gender reveal to all our close friends and some family. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they can tell what we’re having at that apt., we’ll be 17 weeks so I’m betting we can, and I think it’s a boy for the record! Here’s the HUGE belly:

My sweet friend is getting married in less than 2 weeks…eek! I’m the MOH so the planning for tedious work is up to me and so here comes the bachelorette party on Saturday. Mind you there’s something growing inside of me and I am tired all the time so going out is just not my cup of tea lately! I have a wedding to shoot earlier in the day and won’t be home till the party is supposed to start so I have some friends going over to get it all set up for me for when I get there! I’m expecting 15-20 girls and we’re having a lingerie shower and then out to a club…we’ll see how long this lasts! Well hats off to Kourtney, I’m so proud of her for making this most important step in her life and becoming a wife, it’s worth it!


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