15w2d Apt.!

Yesterday was my 15 week apt. and there was a surprise ultrasound!! Yay for doc! Well I’m still at my 2lb weight loss since conception, no weight gain in almost 4 months, yay for me! BP was perfect as usual, and she was concerned that I declined the Quad Screen Test. Well I didn’t want to know if there was a problem genetically, when/if that comes up I’ll deal with it then b/c if I knew now I’d freak out and stress for the next 25weeks so that’s why I declined it. Well she finally went in depth about the test to tell me what they offer in it and the good outweighs the bad. We will never have the option of abortion, that’s just not part of us, but if there’s a spine problem or other issue that’s treatable immediately after birth then we definitely need to be prepared for it. She showed me how things are fixed and scenarios that are unlikely but still necessary to be prepared for. I’m glad she did and we’re doing the test next week. After she did her spill she was about to leave and I stopped her to ask if we could listen for the heartbeat to make sure things are fine, she said of course and pulled out the sonogram machine! It was unexpected and wow I was so excited. Last time we saw baby g (11w2d) we measured 2 days behind and he/she looked like a gummy bear with tiny buds for arms and legs. Yesterday we were 15w2d and we were measuring 2 days ahead and he/she kicked and was moving all over! It was crazy to see this all happen, and now, oddly, it seems all so real. I’m happy, that’s the only way to describe it.

I have an apt. with the high risk ob in 2 weeks from today! I will be 17 weeks along and hoping they can see what little one is going to be…baby boy or baby girl? Keeping the fingers crossed!


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  1. Erin
    May 26, 2011 @ 22:27:07

    Ahhh! I love you and your sweet baby! Keep growing it good! YOu are awesome, and I am so excited! SHE is beautiful!


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