16 weeks!

I so can’t believe we’ve made it this far, it’s a miracle…seriously a miracle! So now we’re an avocado, yum! This past week wasn’t too bad but I have noticed getting out of breath much quicker than I had before, and yes I’m lazy and don’t work out! I want to start walking, but my dogs are old/retired from walking that I just don’t want to walk alone. The enchilada craving hasn’t really gone away…it’s just a tad more intense. I’m still down the 2lb but I’ve felt myself wanting more and more to eat throughout the day. Next apt. is next week and hopefully we’ll find out the gender, we’re both dying to know…not to mention all our family and friends are dying to know too! Here’s the belly, I don’t feel as if it’s grown too much but other people keep telling me they see it pooching out more.

We’re finally taking the Intelligender tomorrow, it’s been quite awhile and I just wanna see if it’s right. I’ve seen tons of youtube videos that they turn out right so we’ll see…the countdown begins! 14days 🙂


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