Intelligender & Weekend Fun!

This past weekend was crazy, I repeat…crazy!! It was so full of being busy I really enjoyed doing pretty much nothing on Monday (I had the day off).

Sat: Shopping for wedding stuff for next weekend, Wedding shoot, Bachelorette party

Went to Sam Moon’s and got gifts for the wedding next weekend (I’m the MOH and she’s like a little sister to me). They’re cute so I hope the bridesmaides like them! I had a wedding to shoot and my oh my did almost everything go wrong on my part. It was just one of those crazy days where everything has to be messed up. I charged my battery the night before but halfway through it started to die! So towards the end I was shooting on fumes. Also we misplaced the rented flash I got on Friday…that took about 30ish min to locate and a big phew! to follow. All in all I’m happy with the results, but next time I will have backup! B/c of loosing the flash for an extra 30ish min I was 45 min late to the bachelorette party that was held at my house! Luckily I had some amazing women go early to decorate and finish cooking all the food so it was okay I was so late. Overall the night was a big success but next time I will cancel something so I’m not so stressed out. Not to mention it was my brother’s 15th birthday and I didn’t even get to see him till Monday night! Long weekend but oh so fun and glad it’s over 🙂 Here’s some pics from the weekend!

I don’t have any from the bachelorette party…on another girl’s camera but here’s one of my brother’s at his bday dinner!

Now for the Intelligender!! So here’s the website just in case you wanna read what they have to say: On the box it says to wait 10 days to take the test ( I waited almost 2 weeks) and not to take it if you have PCOS…but I thought ‘why should I be left out’?! So here it goes!

……….and the results……….

I think it’s obvious…we shall see in 13 days! 


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