18 weeks!

Yuck for sweet potatos but yay for 18 weeks! The movements have died down a bit and it’s been pretty much nothing but I check the heartbeat practically every night out of fear and it’s good so far. When I wake up in the morning I’m always on my back, even with the Snoogle, and my tummy is hard…seems like each morning brings a bigger tummy! I’m still down -3lbs as of now which I’m totally not complaining but my next apt. is on this coming Tuesday and I’m pretty sure there’ll be a gain going on, oh well. The hubbs is coming home soon so I will finally get the chance to find out what my little love is, his heart is set on a boy but originally it was on a girl, so we’ll see…I don’t care I’m just happy it’s a baby! He called me last week and we were talking about our family and where we wanted to be in so many years and such, then he said something that I just can’t get over,’I didn’t think we’d be having kids so soon’! He’s 28 and we’ve been married for 8yrs…so soon? Crazy is what I thought, too much longer and I’ll be out of service in that dept.

Here’s the belly, I think it’s pretty much the same: I change weeks on Sundays and yesterday I was out later at night and when I got home I just went in through the garage. There was a surprise on the front door from a sweet friend…an 18 wk present! It was so thoughtful, and yes I’m still drinking caffinee, just not all the time 🙂 


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