23 weeks!

Still a Papaya! I had my 23wk apt. today but the doc was out on an emergency surgery so all I got was the nurse but it was fine b/c I have my apt. with the high risk ob on Friday and we get to see little one 🙂 I gained the 3lb back that I had lost so at 23w2d I’m still at a 0lb gain, which is good but I’m guessing it can only go up from there! She’s still moving and grooving in there and I’m starting to notice when she’s awake and sleeping, I get up around 8am in the morning and that’s the exact time she wants to kick like crazy for 5min straight. I HATE mornings but I do have to say that this is my favorite time of the day b/c it’s my time with just her and I when I have nothing to do and no interruptions…it’s awesome! Here’s the giant belly:


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