Sisters from Different Mothers

We had friends come in town on Friday but they sadly left this morning…but they’ll be back for my baby shower in Sept! We went to a birthday party yesterday for some other friend’s of mine and then to the lake for an evening dip, the weather was pretty nice considering it’s been in the triple digits for the past few weeks. I love this woman to death, we seem to pick up where we left off everytime we get together. She’s pretty much a sister from a different mother 🙂

Braelyn sitting on a beach somewhere 🙂

Noah is too cute, I can’t believe he’ll be 4 in just a couple of months!

And yes they did camp in my living room, there was just enough room…barely but it was fun. The hubbs told them they could camp in the back of the truck but seriously? I’m not sleeping in the back of my truck so we decided to pitch a tent in the living room…and watched cartoons 🙂 BTW, I’m not sure why Noah has a stink eye going on!


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