27 weeks!

One week left till I officially hit my third trimester!!! This is such an amazing feeling that I never thought was possible but to be 2/3rds almost done is just, wow. Well her kicks have been happening more often and I’ve had to use the doppler less than before, but there are those days where she freaks me out with little movement that I have to check. Insomnia has hit hard and it’s getting the best of me b/c I can’t fall asleep till 12ish and then have to be up at 8 to get to work. I guess 8hrs of sleep is just not enough! Today I had my 2nd 1hr glucose test, it wasn’t as bad as the first one. A friend suggested using a straw to drink and wow that helped a ton, whomever came up with that was genius! I have my monthly ultrasound on Friday, so we’ll get to see her again…can’t wait!

My sister in law that is due the same day as me (the hubb’s brother) was originally having a girl and both of our babies are the first grandchildren on the hubb’s side of the family. Well she went in for her mid pregnancy scan and they said there was boy parts and that the tech that did it at 18 wks was wrong!! So it’s no more Ava, it’s now Noah! Well that’s a shocker 🙂

So belly is definitely growing and to be completely honest my belly button used to be the bottomless pit. I could seriously put half my pinky inside it (that’s what you get for being pudgy). Well today…you can see the inside, it’s half of my finger tip!


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