28 weeks!

Yay for hitting the 3rd trimester, it’s crazy…never in my wildest dreams think I’d be here. I still wake up sometimes wondering why my back aches and why I have to pee at 4am! Then I get a little ‘bump’ from little one that makes me smile no matter how uncomfortable it is. The past few days have been off for her, she’s not kicking as much as she used to be but the nurses tell me to count her kicks after I eat for 30 min and to see if I can get at least 10 and so far she’s hitting that goal. It’s odd to have her crazy for a most days and then take a break and make me worry. It’s crazy how she’s not even born yet but making me worry till I can’t sleep at night already. 3d/4d ultrasounds…yes/no? That is the question for the next couple of weeks b/c I have to make my mind up by 32 weeks or the office won’t do it. Also, I had failed my 1hr glucose test last week so they made me retake it yesterday…EW!! The drink was hot and I had to drink the whole thing, not just half like last time, but I passed!! I hate that I had to take it but with PCOS I knew I’d have a higher risk of having GD and that’s one of the last things I would like to welcome to my list-o-problems. I’m hoping for an average/smallish 7lb baby to push out, not a 9lb11oz like myself!

And a round-up from the 2nd trimester!


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