29 weeks!

I finally upgraded…hate how The Bump starts to put you into months (with the size change) rather than the weekly change but oh well, I do feel like I have a squash in me! Haven’t had too many differences this week other than her kicking at odd times, her schedule changed! I watch some Youtube pregnancy vlogs and around 28-30 weeks the girls start talking about less movement and it changing b/c there’s not as much room in there for baby. Makes sense. My appetite is growing and I’m pretty sure my 2lb gain is definitely going to be going up pretty soon! I have my next apt. this Thursday (yay for starting my 2wk apts.) so we shall see. I assume people hate going to the doc but since it’s to check on baby I get pretty excited, I love asking questions and making sure she’s growing alright. I love all the experiences I’m having whether they’re good or bad, it’s the amazing journey that I’m taking full advantage of!

I love every time she kicks, the happy ones and the hurting ones that make me run to the bathroom; I love the 4 bathroom trips throughout the night even though it’s almost impossible to roll out of bed without falling down; I love all the money I’m spending on her even though I have a bill to pay; and amazingly enough I love not being able to get comfortable at night and then only gettting 4 good hours of sleep at night…she’s worth it all! 


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