This weekend I went to San Antonio to see the hubbs and to make it feel like the 6hr drive there and back wasn’t just for fun…I call it a babymoon! Traffic was horrendous and took an extra 1 1/2 hours and with a clutch my legs sure are sore! It was a lovely 3 day weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it with my love, it was hard leaving but I had to get back to real life. We went to Sea World and yes I’m sure the place is for kids but we’ve been once before together (5ish years ago) and loved it then so why not go back? Couldn’t ride the rides this time but seeing all the animals was really neat and just walking around talking about how we’re planning on taking Sofia to many places like this in the future. Our weekend wasn’t just about ‘us’ it was about looking to the future and ‘planning’ on where we want our family to be in 2, 5, 10, etc. years. I get so anxious 🙂

And today we took some maternity pics for the shower next week…well we at least tried to take a few but only a couple turned out good! It’s hard being in front of the camera when you’re so used to being behind it, but this one is by far the greatest pic we’ve taken with a ‘make shift’ tripod (we used a broken branch on the ground and tied the camera to it).

And then the hubbs tried to get me to climb that tree you see behind us…well I tried and then sat down and just slid all the way back down, epic fail! When I was young I used to climb trees, I was really good at it, but now not so much.


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