30 weeks!

30 weeks and I’m feeling good! It’s weird when you’re TTC b/c you think (well I speak for myself) being pregnant will be 100% obvious to you and everyone around you. For me it’s not so much, there are moments where I forget that I have a little cuteness in there growing but as the weeks go on that feeling is fewer and fewer! I love that I get to hold her in 10ish weeks and I so can’t wait, this is what I’ve been looking forward to since I got married 8 1/2 yrs ago, our little family will be complete. As much as I can’t wait for her arrival, I think it’s going by too fast and wish it would slow down some so I could enjoy it more…but nonetheless I will be thankful for all the time I’m given.

And I actually made a cute lil’ pic with the ‘from above shot’ but you can’t see it in this view so here it is:


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