Mail Time

I feel like that weird guy on Blue’s Clues saying ‘Mail Time’…don’t you? Well it’s a happy mail week for us again! We have too many awesome friends and family and our baby ‘junk’ is stacking up and we are so thrilled with the outpouring of love shown to us. My cousin sent us the Bumbo, but check out little man’s fro…cute, huh? Her daughter is having a boy in January so we’ll have cousins close in age and for that side of my family we’re needing a few more peeps, small fam. We plan on traveling up there for Christmas (it’s a 3hr trip) so we’re hoping for Sofia to love her carseat so we don’t have to stop too much. We usually just stay the day but we might be too pooped out to drive back home…we shall see!


My family is originally from Iowa Park, go HAWKS! But we moved to the metroplex when I was 2/3ish and just go back to visit on holidays. At the first house my parents bought (my dad is still there 21 yrs later!) we were welcomed by the kindest neighbors, and they’re still close friends till this day! They don’t even live there anymore but we keep in contact and visit when possible, they are Nanny and Poppy and of course they had to send us some goodies too.

Robert, Poppy, is a paramedic at a fire station and so he thinks safety first…he chose something practical and necessary:

And Carmen, Nanny, thinks we needed something cuter and more fun than boring ole’ plugs:

And just for fun, here’s a pic of their Christmas card I took for them last year:


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