34 weeks!

Only 2 weeks away from full term, say what?! I started feeling like I’d be loosing something as soon as she’s here, but then I’m calmed with the thought of cuddling her whenever I choose to. I’m loving every single moment of this and I never want to forget what it’s like to painfully roll out of bed 3-5 times a night because she just punched me in the bladder. I love it.


27th Birthday!

I don’t enjoy getting older…but I’m not sure who actually does! I turned 27 this year and wow am I starting to freak out and check the mirror for wrinkles more often these days. But when I actually sit back and think about the life I’ve lived thus far, I’m pleased. In my 27 years of existance I’ve accomplished many things that too many pass up or never get the chance to experience. I’ve spent the past 9 years with the man I love and I have so many memories to take with me wherever I go, so 30…here we come 🙂

Yesterday was my nephew’s 10th birthday and we spent the day at the zoo with my dad and niece, fun but oh so tiring!



33 weeks!

Yay for honeydews…yum! She’s still a growing, not much different but more weight gain 😦

32 weeks!

I know I say this every week but WOW…can’t believe we’re here! I’m beyond blessed and I’m enjoying all the time I have with her in my belly while she’s growing strong! There’s been 2 new symptoms this week, I’ve been more crampy and when I rest it mostly goes away and then I started to feel sore, in the places you don’t want to. Crazy but yup, I’ve been told it’s her moving down and getting ready.

Loving the chubby cheeks…

31w5d, apt. went great…although it says I gained 4lb in 3 days? I don’t think that’s possible unless there’s swelling going on or it’s b/c of the different types of scales. She’s in the 38th percentile and she had a 138bpm, I’m falling in love more and more each day!

31 wk apt.

I had my 31 week check up today and all is good so far! I’m 1lb down (so only 1lb up from original weight before baby) and doc is happy b/c I still have 9 weeks to go and a normal woman will gain about 1lb a week from here on out so if that happens I’ll only be at a 10lb gain, yay me! The only concern was that baby may be breech b/c of where the hb was on the doppler, she’s not too concerned b/c we’re only 31 weeks but at my apt. this Friday I’ll have them check so I can see what’s going on in there. Over the past couple of weeks she’s been rolling around a ton in there and I see my belly morphing, so if she flipped I wouldn’t be too surprised!

Baby Shower Love

Yesterday was an awesome day, I had such a great time with friends and family celebrating the life created…beautiful Sofia! My sweet friend Abby worked so hard to throw this shower and it was perfect in every way, I felt so loved and everyone was so generous. My living room is still filled with it all, but as soon as I get thank you’s sent out I’ll start playing with everything!!


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