It’s been one of those days…

Wow, that’s all I can really say because nothing can truly explain how horrendous yesterday was for me. AF came on Sunday and yesterday a sharp pain came and stayed for quite some time, I think it just triggered the physical pain from the mc and my emotions went all over the place. I had no hope but a negative Nancy attitude so if that doesn’t give you an idea of my day I don’t know what will! Well today is cd4 and I’m taking this cycle:
Met 1000mg, Clomid 100mg cd3-7, Fertilaid 3daily, Fertilcm 3 daily

We’ll see how it goes and we’re praying for another awesome month of trying, like my friend told me ‘it only takes one time to work’.

Today was DFW’s 5th snow day, yes you read that right, 5th! It was freakin cold, I woke up cold, I slipped on the floor after deicing my car, and drove all the way to work going 15mph! I hate it when it’s cold!

We’re not ‘sports’ people but we enjoy good company so Superbowl Sunday had to be full of fun, food, and commercials! I made creme filled pumpkin footballs, they were yummy but next time I think I’ll use gingerbread instead of the pumpkin. I think pumpkin cake is only good homemade, my mother’s pumpkin cake is to die for and it’s a huge hit at any family gathering.




If you don’t read 999 Reasons to laugh at Infertility then you should because it’s hilarious! There was a comment on a post from the other day that has stuck with me since and I love it. It sort of defines my life thus far! So signing out till next time, ‘I have more artificial hormones in me than a fake chicken’!




That’s sort of how I feel…well, I have no other way to describe it. I sort of started a new cycle on Sunday, when I say sort of I mean I’m not sure what it was that came out of me!! We were at our friend’s house for the superbowl and I was in a ‘pain stupor’ for what seemed like FOREVER! I took a pain pill at 3, when that didn’t work I took two more at 6. I figured it would knock me out but to my amazement I was still in pain! We got there soon after and I put a heating pad to my abdomen.

BEWARE: gross stuff ahead, stop reading if you are any sort of squeamish!

I went to the bathroom to change out, ya know what, and there was this huge substance that I’ve never seen before and it scared the crap outta me! Went back to the sofa and started iPhoneing it up to see what I could find. The only thing that came close enough to what I was looking for was an early miscarriage…WHAT?!!! I never even knew I was prego, I mean I was 10 days late for AF but I took two HPT’s over a week ago and they were both negative. I called the doc yesterday but being typical they haven’t called back yet. I have a dear friend that had an early miscarriage a few months ago and she said it was the same thing for her and the exact same substance so that’s where I’m comparing mine to. If any of you reading this have had an early miscarriage and are okay talking about it would you give me some sort of insight as to what it should look like? Crazy question, I know, but I need it to settle me!!

So if AF did come and I’m just imagining what I saw I’m cd3 and good ole’ Clomid starts in 2 days!