Baby Shower Love

Yesterday was an awesome day, I had such a great time with friends and family celebrating the life created…beautiful Sofia! My sweet friend Abby worked so hard to throw this shower and it was perfect in every way, I felt so loved and everyone was so generous. My living room is still filled with it all, but as soon as I get thank you’s sent out I’ll start playing with everything!!



21 weeks!

Sofia is a banana! Yum 🙂 This week we’re in California visiting family and they threw me a surprise baby shower, it was the sweetest thing anyone could do…I was definitely feeling some love! The first real BIG kick came today, at 21w2d and it was in her dad’s face! He was trying to ‘listen’ to her and all of a sudden here comes a big kick to the face, then 2 more times. It was the sweetest moment and the hubbs heart melted. Here’s the belly:

And some pics from the baby shower!