Mail Time

I feel like that weird guy on Blue’s Clues saying ‘Mail Time’…don’t you? Well it’s a happy mail week for us again! We have too many awesome friends and family and our baby ‘junk’ is stacking up and we are so thrilled with the outpouring of love shown to us. My cousin sent us the Bumbo, but check out little man’s fro…cute, huh? Her daughter is having a boy in January so we’ll have cousins close in age and for that side of my family we’re needing a few more peeps, small fam. We plan on traveling up there for Christmas (it’s a 3hr trip) so we’re hoping for Sofia to love her carseat so we don’t have to stop too much. We usually just stay the day but we might be too pooped out to drive back home…we shall see!


My family is originally from Iowa Park, go HAWKS! But we moved to the metroplex when I was 2/3ish and just go back to visit on holidays. At the first house my parents bought (my dad is still there 21 yrs later!) we were welcomed by the kindest neighbors, and they’re still close friends till this day! They don’t even live there anymore but we keep in contact and visit when possible, they are Nanny and Poppy and of course they had to send us some goodies too.

Robert, Poppy, is a paramedic at a fire station and so he thinks safety first…he chose something practical and necessary:

And Carmen, Nanny, thinks we needed something cuter and more fun than boring ole’ plugs:

And just for fun, here’s a pic of their Christmas card I took for them last year:


27w5d Ultrasound

Today I had my montly checkup with the high risk doc…I love these because we get to see little Sofia squirming around in there. It’s crazy to see her monthly development and to see how much she’s grown in just a few short weeks. This time she was opening her mouth and moving her tongue like she was drinking, it was too sweet. She’s still measuring around the 42% percentile and I’ve only gained 2lb so far, on Tuesday I was up 3lb but as of today I lost a pound! My doc wasn’t surprised that I failed the Glucose test with having PCOS and all but Monday is my 3hr test and hopefully I won’t fail that one! The nursery is coming along quite nicely but I’m still looking for 1 last piece to put on the wall then the bed skirt is next. I’m taking off 2 weeks before the due date so hopefully I’ll have enough energy to finish off cleaning/laundry before she comes. I’m getting excited, the weeks keep getting shorter and shorter, before we know it we’ll have a squirmy little cuteness at the house!

Bittersweet Moment…

Today was our due date for little Garcia #1…it’s been a tough day coming since we got our BFP on Dec. 15th. I’ve been thinking of this day and assuming it’d be one of the hardest days I’d ever have to endure but it’s bittersweet. I will forever miss little one but it almost seems like we lost that one so that Sofia could come, a huge sacrifice. When I mentioned it to the hubbs I couldn’t help but cry and it was unexpected b/c I thought I was stronger than that and that it was okay but I just broke down. Then later on I talked about it more and it was much easier to speak about. Here’s my fav pic, has both little eggs in my birds nest and we’re on the beach…it was a beautiful moment.

I love both of my little ones, I will have them all together once again some day.

Little Eli or Little Sofia?

Yesterday was an amazing day, finally got to wrap my arms around the hubbs and he finally got to see my belly in person, we listened to the hb and he was in awe 🙂 It’s hard that he’s missed half my pregnancy but that’s what work will do to you, we just move on and know it’ll always get better. Dinner with the family and our close friends was nice, expensive, but oh so yummy! The best part is where we opened the present to find out if it was a baby Eli or a baby Sofia…

We were taking a vote as to what the little one was, 90% said boy and only 10% said girl!

It’s little Sofia!!!!!! Everyone was pretty much wrong :p, we’re so thrilled and so very nervous at the same time. Our little girl is loved so much, she will never understand how many people truly love her and have prayed her into this world. She’s blessed.

My mom went a little over board and kept giving us stuff, but we’re so thankful, and they were so cute too!

Next apt. is at the high risk ob in 4 weeks! She’ll confirm and do all the important measurements. It’ll also be the first ultrasound the hubbs has seen/been to, can’t wait!

Babies, Babies, and more Babies!

This past weekend I photographed 3 newborns (2 were born last week alone)! I was at the birth of one of them (precious Ava), the sweet boy’s (baby Carter) family goes to my church, and finally little Payden’s mom has been part of my extended family for almost 9 years! Enjoy the eye candy…I so can’t wait to mold my baby once he/she comes! 

Intelligender & Weekend Fun!

This past weekend was crazy, I repeat…crazy!! It was so full of being busy I really enjoyed doing pretty much nothing on Monday (I had the day off).

Sat: Shopping for wedding stuff for next weekend, Wedding shoot, Bachelorette party

Went to Sam Moon’s and got gifts for the wedding next weekend (I’m the MOH and she’s like a little sister to me). They’re cute so I hope the bridesmaides like them! I had a wedding to shoot and my oh my did almost everything go wrong on my part. It was just one of those crazy days where everything has to be messed up. I charged my battery the night before but halfway through it started to die! So towards the end I was shooting on fumes. Also we misplaced the rented flash I got on Friday…that took about 30ish min to locate and a big phew! to follow. All in all I’m happy with the results, but next time I will have backup! B/c of loosing the flash for an extra 30ish min I was 45 min late to the bachelorette party that was held at my house! Luckily I had some amazing women go early to decorate and finish cooking all the food so it was okay I was so late. Overall the night was a big success but next time I will cancel something so I’m not so stressed out. Not to mention it was my brother’s 15th birthday and I didn’t even get to see him till Monday night! Long weekend but oh so fun and glad it’s over 🙂 Here’s some pics from the weekend!

I don’t have any from the bachelorette party…on another girl’s camera but here’s one of my brother’s at his bday dinner!

Now for the Intelligender!! So here’s the website just in case you wanna read what they have to say: On the box it says to wait 10 days to take the test ( I waited almost 2 weeks) and not to take it if you have PCOS…but I thought ‘why should I be left out’?! So here it goes!

……….and the results……….

I think it’s obvious…we shall see in 13 days! 

15w2d Apt.!

Yesterday was my 15 week apt. and there was a surprise ultrasound!! Yay for doc! Well I’m still at my 2lb weight loss since conception, no weight gain in almost 4 months, yay for me! BP was perfect as usual, and she was concerned that I declined the Quad Screen Test. Well I didn’t want to know if there was a problem genetically, when/if that comes up I’ll deal with it then b/c if I knew now I’d freak out and stress for the next 25weeks so that’s why I declined it. Well she finally went in depth about the test to tell me what they offer in it and the good outweighs the bad. We will never have the option of abortion, that’s just not part of us, but if there’s a spine problem or other issue that’s treatable immediately after birth then we definitely need to be prepared for it. She showed me how things are fixed and scenarios that are unlikely but still necessary to be prepared for. I’m glad she did and we’re doing the test next week. After she did her spill she was about to leave and I stopped her to ask if we could listen for the heartbeat to make sure things are fine, she said of course and pulled out the sonogram machine! It was unexpected and wow I was so excited. Last time we saw baby g (11w2d) we measured 2 days behind and he/she looked like a gummy bear with tiny buds for arms and legs. Yesterday we were 15w2d and we were measuring 2 days ahead and he/she kicked and was moving all over! It was crazy to see this all happen, and now, oddly, it seems all so real. I’m happy, that’s the only way to describe it.

I have an apt. with the high risk ob in 2 weeks from today! I will be 17 weeks along and hoping they can see what little one is going to be…baby boy or baby girl? Keeping the fingers crossed!

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