Farmer’s Market fun!

So once again it’s a post of mix-matched topics but that’s how I do it! Two weeks ago my friend took  me to the Farmer’s Market that’s only a mile away, mind you in all the three years I’ve lived here I never knew about it, and got some yummy food!! Booth Candied Onions And this is what I brought home: Too bad the tamales are covered!I’ve been seeing some people in blogosphere making their own laundry detergent and I was curious so I did it!! Here’s the recipe I found…and it smells so yummy! 1 bar Fels Naptha (I used Ivory), 1 1/2 cup Washing Soda (not easy to find), 1 1/2 Borax; you have to grate the bar of soap but when you mix them all up it’s amazing! The cost is roughly $0.06/load, that’s amazing!! My soap!Last Friday I went for a much needed walk with a friend of mine with our dogs, not sure if it was a good idea b/c it was so hot but did it anyway! Lord knows I needed it but my poor babies were beat, they were so tired. Killer, my boy who’s 6, was so wore out halfway home he pulled me over under a tree and just layed down! Stubborn just like his momma. My baby KillerLast night the hubbs wanted to take me to a special place, I love popcorn and it was supposed to be a treat night; needless to say he got twice as much as I did! It’s in Arlington, it’s called Popcorn Stop and they have tons of flavors to choose from. I got cheese, blue coconut, and cotton candy (YUM)! I hate saying this but I’m almost out less than a day later. Buckets-o-candy The goodsOne last item up for bragging…sorry I had too b/c I’m so proud! I made some make-up pad removers last night. I read about this somewhere a few weeks ago and wanted to give it a try. I went to Joann’s for some fabric and found the pretty green in the remnant pile (50% off), it was meant to be! Make-up remover pad I love the top one! 

(On a more ‘baby’ note, the hubbs and I came to an agreement last night: after he gets back from his work trip in January we can start the process for our first IUI. And if that doesn’t work then we’ll save for the IVF. It may seem like a small step but trust me ladies, this is HUGE for him…like pulling teeth!)