11 weeks!

This last week (wk. 10) was tough for me b/c I started doubting so much and thinking the worse was meant to happen to us and blah, blah, blah. A friend of mine bought a doppler when she was 13-15ish weeks pregnant and let me borrow it to hopefully ease my mind. I had a few good friends tell me not to even try for a few more weeks b/c I was too early and I wouldn’t hear a thing…well I got to rub it in their faces just a bit 🙂 We found it! It took a little while but we found it and wow it was amazing. I didn’t cry, and that was weird, but I guess I still didn’t believe it at that point. I went home and did it again the next day and again yesterday, it has to be the beautiful beating heartbeat and it seriously brought tears to my eyes…such a beautiful sound. Here’s video proof of my baby!

And I guess it’s time to start the infamous belly pictures! I already have a big belly to begin with so I guess we can just use this as a starting week 🙂