NOT PREGGO!!!So…today I had an apt. to go over my progesterone results with the doc and she said a normal level should be over 15 and mine was at a whopping 0.8, can we say WOW?! So needless to say she switched the Provera to Prometrium to hopefully get me a higher dosage of Progesterone and hopefully sometime in the near future I’ll have a possibility of becoming even fatter with a baby. Also I was taking 50mg of Clomid but now this cycle I’m up to 100mg. Still taking the 1000mg Metformin and to my great luck (hardly ever happens) I haven’t had too many side effects and I feel so bad for the women who are puking all day long :\.

So I was looking up the Luteal Phase Defect (my doc told me this was the prob) and I found some great ideas…B6 lengthens the Luteal Phase (you can take 50mg-200mg/daily), Vitex also helps somehow (It’s a natural herb in a capsule form), Byetta is good for weight controlling (but you have to have a prescription for it), and finally I never knew there were creams you could buy to rub on a fatty part of your body (thighs, arms, stomach) to increase your Progesterone levels. I think I’m gonna take a trip to see about all these…maybe they’ll work, who knows but none will hinder so I guess it’s worth a try!