Long Week (and it’s only Thursday)

Today is a sad day, it’s one of my baby brother’s 13th birthday! I changed so many of his dirty diapers, I potty trained him, and taught him how to argue “Serena Style”…he’s my mini-me. I love you EJ with all my heart!!This last weekend was so so…I was alone until Sunday night when Gabe got home. But as for Monday we took our babies to the lake to swim, the pool still looks like a swamp and when we got home we shaved Killer!! His hair is soooo short, he looks like a hyena with cheetah spots.

Tuesday I have Bible study and a little bit after we started it began to rain, it soon began to hail. Not just normal hail but really hail!!

Wednesday was my mom’s first day of chemo and she did fine…it was just her nerves that was holding her back. There were so many people in the room getting treatment too…it was one of the saddest things I’d ever seen before! The doctor told her some more info about her cancer, it’s rare and aggressive, it will most likely come back but to the liver instead. So we’re hoping the chemo will keep it away forever! I found a pattern for a chemo cap online, I’ll post some pics when I get one made.


Sad Day ;(

I don’t have too many of these but today was pretty crushing. My mother had her yearly breast exam a couple Ribbonof weeks ago and they said they needed to do another b/c the technician failed to complete one part, or something to this extent. So last week she had another appointment to have a sonogram and another mammogram done. They indeed found a spot. I think she told me it was 2cm but that it was contained in her milk ducts (which is really good news). So they ordered a biopsy to see if it was cancerous or just benign, unfortunately it is cancer. I never thought this would happen to us but it’s happened for some reason. I have faith that she will be taken care of and we all have our ‘Prayer Warrior’s’ at work. Tonight we’re telling my baby brothers (they’re 11 & 12), the older one is like me (emotional) so I’m going over there to help him through it. He will most likely get angry and become destructive.

I love my mother and things in our past have kept an invisible wall up between us but I still love her. I always wonder why things happen the way they do and why God does what He does but then again, I’m not sure if I could handle the truth! He only puts us in these situations to learn and grow from them so that’s what I will keep telling myself.

I have faith.