So I finally joined Fertility Friend, and I added my last cycle including this current cycle and it seems that I was truly right (w/concerns to my post before last). I did ovulate on cd15 and not the crazy FAM reading! So that makes me happy and gives me hope (that’s why I’m in high spirits today). W/ Christmas coming up and all…things in the Garcia household are growing a bit glim, I believe it’s all the baby nonsense. Almost all of our friends have children, just gave birth, or are pregnant! Here’s a quick rundown of the ones we know: Sarah (3), Jesse (2), Erin (1 & just gave birth), Dominique (just gave birth), Leah (1 & just gave birth), Karesha (1), Melissa (2), Alex (prego), Amy (prego), Heather (1), Katy (2), and there’s me buying gifts for all the babies 😦 It’ll happen one day! Here’s my new chart with my proof that I o’d on cd15!!New Chart


I hate being confused :/

So today as I put my temps into my chart over at it took my previous 7dpo off the chart!! I have no idea what happened…and added the FAM temp. What is that? I looked it up and couldn’t find anything. I got a peak on my monitor, so was it wrong? I was told there were few false positives and besides the monitor, I got a temp drop to confirm the ovulation. So now I’m a bit confused and not knowing if I actually ovulated when I did or not b/c after that happened DH and I haven’t been BD as much as usual b/c of the nasty Progesterone bullets. Here’s a quick pic of my chart: chart

…and here’s the link if you want to check out the full chart: