Yes…we are 10dpo, it’s sort of weird to say that so soon after our mc but it’s true. I broke down and tested yesterday b/c I’m having these weird symptoms that reminded me of last time and of course it was a BFN. It was just way too early so we’re starting the LONGEST WEEK EVER. I hate the waiting game but I guess I can’t really do anything about it just yet. I’m trying to wait till Saturday (we’ll be 15dpo) to test so the hubbs can be with me and we can cry together either way. BFN we’ll cry and if it’s a BFP we’ll cry too, we’re a crying family.

 We went to the Maverick’s game on Saturday…the hubbs’ first ever basketball game, and he didn’t freak out and want to go home early 🙂 He doesn’t do the typical ‘guy sports thing’ and I”m oh so thankful for that! He’s into cars, I absolutely adore  it.


And here’s proof that we actually went!

I thought this pic was too cute to not share…the hubbs took this of our little girl when we were in Cali in early January. When we got to his family’s house one of his brother’s dogs bit her on the head and wouldn’t let go. It took forever to break them up but in the end she got really hurt. $400 later, she’s not such a happy camper and I think she hates Cali…bad for her first trip! The look on her face is just cute, I felt so sorry for her, she’s doing so much better now…back to her crazy self!