31 weeks!

31 weeks…no real change but more rolling instead of kicking, it’s such a crazy feeling in there! I have noticed that getting up at night has increased, I tried to count the other day but lost track of it but I think it was around 4/5 times. And when I wake up it’s not always that I’m all drowsy but I’m really awake…then soon after fall fast asleep again. Weird, just weird.

A good friend of mine did some maternity pics of us yesterday as our gift…I’m seriously loving them! Like I said before, it’s such an odd feeling being on the other side of the lens but I’m glad I did them b/c in the future when Sofia asks me what I looked like with her in me, these are what I can show her!








Mail Time

I feel like that weird guy on Blue’s Clues saying ‘Mail Time’…don’t you? Well it’s a happy mail week for us again! We have too many awesome friends and family and our baby ‘junk’ is stacking up and we are so thrilled with the outpouring of love shown to us. My cousin sent us the Bumbo, but check out little man’s fro…cute, huh? Her daughter is having a boy in January so we’ll have cousins close in age and for that side of my family we’re needing a few more peeps, small fam. We plan on traveling up there for Christmas (it’s a 3hr trip) so we’re hoping for Sofia to love her carseat so we don’t have to stop too much. We usually just stay the day but we might be too pooped out to drive back home…we shall see!


My family is originally from Iowa Park, go HAWKS! But we moved to the metroplex when I was 2/3ish and just go back to visit on holidays. At the first house my parents bought (my dad is still there 21 yrs later!) we were welcomed by the kindest neighbors, and they’re still close friends till this day! They don’t even live there anymore but we keep in contact and visit when possible, they are Nanny and Poppy and of course they had to send us some goodies too.

Robert, Poppy, is a paramedic at a fire station and so he thinks safety first…he chose something practical and necessary:

And Carmen, Nanny, thinks we needed something cuter and more fun than boring ole’ plugs:

And just for fun, here’s a pic of their Christmas card I took for them last year:

18 weeks!

Yuck for sweet potatos but yay for 18 weeks! The movements have died down a bit and it’s been pretty much nothing but I check the heartbeat practically every night out of fear and it’s good so far. When I wake up in the morning I’m always on my back, even with the Snoogle, and my tummy is hard…seems like each morning brings a bigger tummy! I’m still down -3lbs as of now which I’m totally not complaining but my next apt. is on this coming Tuesday and I’m pretty sure there’ll be a gain going on, oh well. The hubbs is coming home soon so I will finally get the chance to find out what my little love is, his heart is set on a boy but originally it was on a girl, so we’ll see…I don’t care I’m just happy it’s a baby! He called me last week and we were talking about our family and where we wanted to be in so many years and such, then he said something that I just can’t get over,’I didn’t think we’d be having kids so soon’! He’s 28 and we’ve been married for 8yrs…so soon? Crazy is what I thought, too much longer and I’ll be out of service in that dept.

Here’s the belly, I think it’s pretty much the same: I change weeks on Sundays and yesterday I was out later at night and when I got home I just went in through the garage. There was a surprise on the front door from a sweet friend…an 18 wk present! It was so thoughtful, and yes I’m still drinking caffinee, just not all the time 🙂 

15 Weeks!

Baby is now the size of an orange! I think I really ‘popped’ out this week b/c the difference from last week’s photo to this week’s is huge! Still craving the coke and enchiladas, I’m not sure that will ever subside but I’m needing my fix about 3 nights a week…cause without it I’m up all night thinking about how I want enchiladas 🙂 The day is getting closer that the hubbs will finally be home and wow I’m excited! There’s still so much to do in the house before he gets home b/c I like it to be clean and nice so that there’s no worry and it’s not hard to transition back to being a husband. Military guys have it hard and when they get back home, even for a short dep, the transition is not so easy…and most won’t tell you b/c they’re men and they want to be strong men. It’s hard and it’s just something we deal with as it comes. We have a huge night planned when he finally arrives…dinner with friends and hopefully (we have an apt. with the high risk ob the week before) we’ll have a gender reveal to all our close friends and some family. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they can tell what we’re having at that apt., we’ll be 17 weeks so I’m betting we can, and I think it’s a boy for the record! Here’s the HUGE belly:

My sweet friend is getting married in less than 2 weeks…eek! I’m the MOH so the planning for tedious work is up to me and so here comes the bachelorette party on Saturday. Mind you there’s something growing inside of me and I am tired all the time so going out is just not my cup of tea lately! I have a wedding to shoot earlier in the day and won’t be home till the party is supposed to start so I have some friends going over to get it all set up for me for when I get there! I’m expecting 15-20 girls and we’re having a lingerie shower and then out to a club…we’ll see how long this lasts! Well hats off to Kourtney, I’m so proud of her for making this most important step in her life and becoming a wife, it’s worth it!

Awesome friends

I am seriously blessed to have such wonderful people in my life, there are a few that stay in the background but those who really push to be a part of my life are simply amazing. I got a text yesterday from a sweet woman asking me if I wanted a cradle! Funny thing is that I’ve been searching antique malls, online, craigslist and just couldn’t find anything worth paying what people were charging and/or I’m just too cheap for anything nice. Well it’s gorgeous, in perfect shape and old…which makes it awesome in my books! I picked it up last night and we talked for hours, seriously hours but I learned so much about what’s to come. This is the beauty, yes it’s still in my car, but it will soon make it’s way inside to get ready for some measurements. It’s supposedly German and the regular stuff that fits inside is all the wrong measurements so I’ll be pretty busy sewing, but this way it can be all custom and cute. She only offered it to me, it was special to her and she didn’t want to get rid of it, and only me so I will give it a good home 🙂 Thank you Angel, I love it!

Today is my last pill!! That in itself is ubber exciting. I’m really excited that I finally get to use the Intelligender, I’ll pick one up next week. I totally think it’s a boy and I’m about 60% sure, but there’s always that chance it’s a girl. My family is pretty much split, half for boy and half for girl…but the hubbs and I are thankful we’ve gotten this far! As soon as I can do the Intelligender I’ll post my pee pics 🙂

1 Progesterone tab + 10 days = Intelligender

Crazy Week!

So this week got started off pretty crummy…the hubbs left for work and won’t be back for at least 3 months 😦 Sad…very sad! I cried. Here’s them leaving and about to take off:

I finally got to talk to him more than just a few seconds today during lunch so that was a huge relief! I miss him and worry so much when he’s gone. I had lunch with a friend today and she relieved some of my stress b/c yesterday I started to cramp uncontrolably and was freaking out! There was no spotting/bleeding so I was making myself relax but I was still anxious and preparing for the worst! She said it happened to her throughout the whole pregnancy and that there were initially two sacs in there and that’s what was most likely causing so much pain in the first place. So as of now, I’m holding on…just two more weeks till I hopefully hear/see/know something more. We are 6w4d…the wait and worry is the worst part of it all!

A friend of mine that I’ve known for about 6ish years is pregnant and having her baby shower this Saturday so I took some pre-maternity photos of her just for the shower (she’s only 28 weeks but they’re having the shower b/c her mom is in town this week only unitl the baby comes).

Project 180

I had a post a few weeks ago talking about some of my friends that are in a Christian rock band, Stem The Tide. They played, over the summer, at Texas Star Ranch in Weatherford for a local church youth group. The goal was to minister to as many youth as possible. The last concert they had over 150 youth and sponsers at the event! How amazing is that?!! God is good. Here’s my favorite pics of the band that I did over the summer concert series:

Dave Koenig: Lead Singer, Guitar  Dave Koenig

Heather Koenig: Vocalist, Guitar Heather Koenig

Scott Buck: Drums Scott Buck

Nathan Early: Vocalist, Bass Guitar Nathan Early

Tristan Hurley: Lead Guitar Tristan Hurley

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