Little Eli or Little Sofia?

Yesterday was an amazing day, finally got to wrap my arms around the hubbs and he finally got to see my belly in person, we listened to the hb and he was in awe 🙂 It’s hard that he’s missed half my pregnancy but that’s what work will do to you, we just move on and know it’ll always get better. Dinner with the family and our close friends was nice, expensive, but oh so yummy! The best part is where we opened the present to find out if it was a baby Eli or a baby Sofia…

We were taking a vote as to what the little one was, 90% said boy and only 10% said girl!

It’s little Sofia!!!!!! Everyone was pretty much wrong :p, we’re so thrilled and so very nervous at the same time. Our little girl is loved so much, she will never understand how many people truly love her and have prayed her into this world. She’s blessed.

My mom went a little over board and kept giving us stuff, but we’re so thankful, and they were so cute too!

Next apt. is at the high risk ob in 4 weeks! She’ll confirm and do all the important measurements. It’ll also be the first ultrasound the hubbs has seen/been to, can’t wait!


15 Weeks!

Baby is now the size of an orange! I think I really ‘popped’ out this week b/c the difference from last week’s photo to this week’s is huge! Still craving the coke and enchiladas, I’m not sure that will ever subside but I’m needing my fix about 3 nights a week…cause without it I’m up all night thinking about how I want enchiladas 🙂 The day is getting closer that the hubbs will finally be home and wow I’m excited! There’s still so much to do in the house before he gets home b/c I like it to be clean and nice so that there’s no worry and it’s not hard to transition back to being a husband. Military guys have it hard and when they get back home, even for a short dep, the transition is not so easy…and most won’t tell you b/c they’re men and they want to be strong men. It’s hard and it’s just something we deal with as it comes. We have a huge night planned when he finally arrives…dinner with friends and hopefully (we have an apt. with the high risk ob the week before) we’ll have a gender reveal to all our close friends and some family. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they can tell what we’re having at that apt., we’ll be 17 weeks so I’m betting we can, and I think it’s a boy for the record! Here’s the HUGE belly:

My sweet friend is getting married in less than 2 weeks…eek! I’m the MOH so the planning for tedious work is up to me and so here comes the bachelorette party on Saturday. Mind you there’s something growing inside of me and I am tired all the time so going out is just not my cup of tea lately! I have a wedding to shoot earlier in the day and won’t be home till the party is supposed to start so I have some friends going over to get it all set up for me for when I get there! I’m expecting 15-20 girls and we’re having a lingerie shower and then out to a club…we’ll see how long this lasts! Well hats off to Kourtney, I’m so proud of her for making this most important step in her life and becoming a wife, it’s worth it!

My love.

My love being all cute…he loves his redhead 🙂

Crazy Week!

So this week got started off pretty crummy…the hubbs left for work and won’t be back for at least 3 months 😦 Sad…very sad! I cried. Here’s them leaving and about to take off:

I finally got to talk to him more than just a few seconds today during lunch so that was a huge relief! I miss him and worry so much when he’s gone. I had lunch with a friend today and she relieved some of my stress b/c yesterday I started to cramp uncontrolably and was freaking out! There was no spotting/bleeding so I was making myself relax but I was still anxious and preparing for the worst! She said it happened to her throughout the whole pregnancy and that there were initially two sacs in there and that’s what was most likely causing so much pain in the first place. So as of now, I’m holding on…just two more weeks till I hopefully hear/see/know something more. We are 6w4d…the wait and worry is the worst part of it all!

A friend of mine that I’ve known for about 6ish years is pregnant and having her baby shower this Saturday so I took some pre-maternity photos of her just for the shower (she’s only 28 weeks but they’re having the shower b/c her mom is in town this week only unitl the baby comes).

Love is in the air :)

Valentines day isn’t a real holiday for us, meaning we don’t typically ‘celebrate’ anything other than…let’s go to dinner 🙂 But this year I made a cute little stitched tree with our initials in it and framed it for him! I found the tutorial online and if I could possibly remember where I’d post it but of course I don’t  😦 I also got him a cute card with his favorite chocolate bar and when I woke up this morning I found this cute note under my keys telling me when he first fell in love with me (and yes it was a mere 3 months before we got married, but 8 years later we’re still together…don’t judge) and told me I was the ‘better half’ so he left me half of his chocolate 🙂 I love him! Too cute! So here’s the stitched tree I was talking about:And here it is framed…didn’t do so well on the framing part but it works and I think it’s cute, at least for my first time stitching!

BSF just so happened to fall on Valentine’s Day this year and wow was it a treasure, it was something else to hear 750 women singing ‘Jesus Loves Me’…here’s part of it:

My Valentine from our Savior…

Isaiah 43:2
When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown. When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up; the flames will not consume you.

He says “when”, not “if”…everyone of us will eventually if not have already gone through these hardships but He promises us that He will always be there. This is truly comforting to me.

Our long distant babies:

We spent the 4th in OK with some friends of ours and I got the cutest pics ever!! I’m not going to post all of them but heres a couple for you to oooh and ahhh about 😉  Miss Lou Noah

Emarie & The PonyWe miss them dearly but plan to go up for their bday party in September…yay for road trip!!

I’ve been really busy lately and been slacking on so many ‘life’ things that I don’t know where to turn some days. I have a full day planned tomorrow, a good friend of ours is getting married and he asked me to do their photos. Of course I said yes but wow I’m going to be busy allll day long. So much for enjoying myself at the wedding! I’ve never done a wedding before but hopefully I’ll do okay! I have a pic of them but it’s on my computer at home…I’ll upload it later. Have a good weekend and wish me luck! (Here’s a little treat: I have such a talented hubby) The Hubbs

Cutest thing ever!

My dear friend called me this morning and said,”Faith and I were in your bathroom last night and she said she smelt you”. I thought that was really cute that my 2yr old God-daughter knows my scent. I have always used the same perfume and hair products…funny how she can recognize it, it made me feel special.

Gabe knocked 2 1/2 things off the honey-do list yesterday. We originally had a terrible mailbox that wobbled everytime you looked at it, so now it’s beautiful!! Pretty New Mailbox

I had also been bugging him about wanting a tire swing, well guess what…I got one! We had some extra tires in the garage but they were just collecting dust, it’s still hanging in the garage but hopefully it’ll go out to the magnolia out back. And finally he’s halfway through putting up a new shelf/rod in my utility room. My mother has a rod over her dryer that holds hangers so that when you take clothes out of the dryer, you put them on hangers right then. It worked out great when I lived there. Now all my clothes get stacked up in piles and takes me weeks to actually put them in the closet. I’m excited…I need to put more things on the honey-do list!

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